There are a number of ways in which I can work with you to help you achieve your goals:

  • Retainer

    At an agreed monthly rate you would have access to my time as appropriate whether at your location or on a needs basis for as long as the contract provides.  For example, we might agree that you require 2 days a month of my time for guidance, advice and support.

  • Project

    In order to facilitate a particular project or plan, we would agree either a day rate or a project rate and an agreed timetable within which to complete the project.
  • Ad-Hoc

    A needs only basis, chargeable at an agreed hourly or daily rate to suit your requirements – whether attendance at your location, by telephone or by email.  This might cover such issues as a bespoke letter, a review of a proposed candidate’s CV, running through a grievance, etc.

Job Search & Recruitment

Finding the right people for your business

People & Workforce

Developing career plans for your employees

Performance Management

Working with you to get the best out of your team members

Employment Relations

Dealing with sensitive issues fairly and consistently

Learning & Development

Implementing strategies to develop your employees

Leadership Management

Developing management training to suit your business, managers and leadership teams

Health & Wellbeing

Enabling your team to stay on top form and get back to work after illness

Employment Law

Making sure everything you do complies with the law

Policies & Procedures

Ensuring your business run smoothly and you have the right policies and procedures in place

It is important that we find the most appropriate and cost-effective way in which to work together and an initial, no obligation, conversation will help to design the support which is right for you.

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